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Project monitoring and evaluation

Accountability and Improvement at Every Stage

We believe in bettering ourselves at every corner. If there is improvement to be made, we will find it. Our monitoring and evaluation procedure is designed to improve current performance and future output. We also believe in helping others improve as well by overseeing concession contracts and other contractors during the construction phase of a project.

Concessions, management contract

As part of our commitment to improve building standards, we offer our services to governments and other agencies as a concession contractor. We take all contractual commitments seriously and consider it an honour to design, build, and manage projects for countries as they improve their infrastructure. We are delighted to offer our services both as designers and under management contract to oversee projects for such countries.

Project management

As project managers, we see time, safety, economy, and efficiency as paramount. Our project managers will oversee a project, identifying waste and ensuring that countries and other organisations get the best value for their investment.