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Hello we are

Civil and Water Engineering excellence at a cost effective price.

We are primarily a civil and water engineering design company. With some of the world's best planners, designers, engineers, and consultants in our team, we have pooled our experience to help with infrastructure concerns that affect us all. Water infrastructure and civil engineering are essential to keep the pulse of modern civilization alive. With each project, we pride ourselves on facilitating the needs of our national and international customers, ensuring that infrastructure is engineered on time and to the highest specifications. By managing complex projects, we implement a multi-disciplinary approach, bringing in the best architects and planners as part of our team. Professional excellence and accountability are essential, and that is why we put customer satisfaction at the heart of everything we engineer.


Project identification

Our project identification services involve studying and analysing projects for all project stakeholders, ensuring that every project we are involved with is both profitable and noteworthy.


Project formulation and appraisal

Planning and appraisal are essential to any civil or water engineering project. We offer both services to our customers, ensuring that projects are planned effectively and appraised appropriately.


Project implementation

We implement each of our projects according to our own internal standards which are rigorous and reliable. Regardless of the project's size, our project implementation procedures will excel.


Project monitoring and evaluation

Our experts are on hand to oversee and monitor our own projects and the projects of third parties. We are trained to identify problems before they occur, ensuring that all projects are safe and cost effective.