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Project identification

Taking the hassle out of project identification

Project identification is largely concerned with the financial ramifications of an engineering project. At NKB Consultancy, we are able to carry out an extensive project identification survey in place or alongside government appraisal. Through our project identification team, we lay the groundwork by carrying out in-depth feasibility studies at both a practical and economic level.

Master Planning

Our engineers, planners, and architects invest their passion and rigorous methodologies into the project identification stage. Problem analysis, objective setting, logistical frameworks, and progress indicator definitions are all laid out before any work is carried out. This complex approach ensures that no money is wasted and that the correct framework and techniques are used for each engineering project.

General economic analyses and programming

Our stakeholder analysis ensures that all individuals, groups, and organisations with a stake in the project are clearly defined at the outset. Economic risk factors to each stakeholder as well as economic repercussions for a surrounding area are all taken into consideration. In the end, our project identification procedures identify any challenges before they appear, helping both our engineers and other stakeholders negotiate these challenges with confidence. This ensures project completion.