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Project Implementation

A perfect plan requires perfect execution

At NKB, our dedication to client goals is fuelled by a disciplined approach to feasibility studies, design, and all necessary administrative duties. Our focus is to nurture the vision of the project so that it is finally ready to be brought into reality.
At every stage, we oversee the activities set out in each project plan, with the mission statement in mind. We take care of every consideration from pre-investment and feasibility studies, through to the design, and ensure that all documentation is correct and present.
We are dedicated to identifying, highlighting, and solving any issue that might arise during the planning and implementation of the project.

Pre-investiment and feasibility studies

Unlike our competitors, we put the ground work in to ensure each project is built on a solid foundation. Our field experts carry out in-depth pre-investment and feasibility studies to ensure that a project is economically justifiable and feasible.
Our goal is to ensure that a project is worthy of investment and that it can reach its practical goals. This involves a deep dive into the rationale for the project, the resources required, and what the eventual profit will be in terms of infrastructure and finances for stakeholders.
Each pre-investment and feasibility study is carried out to give stakeholders peace of mind before committing extensive resources and manpower to a proposed project.


Without a blueprint a project cannot reach its potential. At NKB, we design each project in tandem with our feasibility research and client goals. We are dedicated to leveraging our expert network of architects, engineers, and planners so that the design principles have synergy.
All steps of project design and implementation are carried out with close client consultation, while involving local government so that the impact of the project is always kept in mind.
Combining established building standards along with innovative cutting-edge aesthetics and structural planning, we offer clients the best of both worlds – designs that last and designs that boldly lead.

Esia, tender documents

Following on from project identification, our engineers and architects will then set out to achieve the goals of an agreed plan. A key part of this is Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA), along with pre-investment and feasibility studies. We incorporate an approach which lends innovative solutions to local economies and environments, taking into account the affects an engineering project will have on local culture, poverty, and health. At all stages of implementation, we ensure everyone is happy so that both local communities and stakeholders maximize their results. We have a vast worldwide network of trusted suppliers, and we only work with the best. We are delighted to offer our customers tender management, selecting the best contractors for the job at hand. We offer open, selective, negotiated, serial, framework, single-stage, and two-stage tendering, procuring the talents necessary to bring a project to fruition.
Documents: Our engineers, architects, and contractors are supported by our first in class administrative department. All documents are designed and prepared in line with associated regulations and legal considerations, giving our customers complete peace of mind that all works