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Project formulation and appraisal

From concept to reality

At NKB, we provide all the necessary talent and expertise to formulate a project from its very beginning and to appraise its fundamental necessity. This involves defining the goals and parameters of the project, conducting critical feasibility studies, and looking at investment appraisal. This is all carried out to help with the final investment decision so that stakeholders know whether a project is the right fit for them or not.
Our formulation and appraisal procedures include complete cost estimates and financial analysis, along with an in-depth study of the infrastructure and manpower required to make a project a reality. All of this is based on critical research we undertake in terms of the policy, demand, and technical aspects required for each project.

Supervision of construction works

Our experts do not simply design a project and then hand it off to contractors. We oversee every aspect of an engineering project. This includes supervision of construction work. When we supervise construction work, we ensure that rigorous safety and building standards are maintained. We also ensure that the correct materials are used as they were intended when a project was designed by our architects and engineers.

Consulting services during construction stages

We also offer consultation services for third-party projects. Even if we have not been involved in the planning stages and are brought in later by a client, our team of consultants will still apply the same care to your project, identifying and correcting issues whenever encountered.

Technical assistance, project management

Civil engineering is complex and requires first rate knowledge and expertise. We are proud to offer technical assistance project management to customers, helping to guide a project through the difficult construction phase into completion.